Sunday, August 11, 2013

My first 3 days of Raya! Eid 2013

Yeeeeeehahhhh!!! It's Raya!!! *Sambil joget riang* It's my 6th Syawal with the love of my life. *Woots* Cepat sungguh masa berlalu... �� and it will be my 8th raya without my other half, Nish. *Al-Fatihah*. ��

This post is going to be different. I am going to be posting pictures. Pictures do tell more stories kan?? Heheh. *Takde idea nak tulis ke Puan Tisha?!!*

Day 1: Picture of us! ��

A visit to MM and RB's home. Alhamdullillah for the new friends we make this year. *Nasi  dagang was supernyummy*

Day 2 : Beraya di KKB! 

Beraya bersama sahabat kami, Azhan Rani. *We had the best Mee Kari!!! Mee Kari terbaabooom lah* 

Day 3 : Raya with Crin and Fini at TTDI. Look at their babies??!! Aren't they just adorable???!!! As usual Aunty T akan kelam kabut bila ada kids. ��

Would love to take this opportunity to wish everyone here Selamat Hari Raya Aidilifitri. Maaf Zahir Batin. Sorry for any of my wrong doings. Sengaja atau pun tidak. Let's start fresh! ��

Lots of love from me, Tisha Shahar. 

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Just sharing...

Wowwaweee…. Time flies. Without us realizing it, it’s already coming to the end of the year in approximately 4 months. Gosh! Since I have some spare time, I thought why not post an entry. I have abandoned this blog of mine for many many months! *Pengsan*.

This very instant, it’s the fasting month. Alhamdullillah belum tinggal lagi. Today is day 13. *Woots* So far so good. I am hoping to shed all the weight I put on since I started working in Exxon. Hurrmmm…. Did I mention I started working in Exxon as a contract secretary? Maybe I did! *Age is catching up* I can do this!

Soul has been busy working. He just finish filming a film title CEO and a telemovie for Hari Penjara. Now, he is taking 2 weeks break until the end of Ramadhan. I think he deserves the break. The sad part about him taking the break now is that I will be working!! I have approximately 4 months left before my contract ends. Sheeeessh! I am saving my off days for our year end vacation… To where??? Hurrrmmmm…. Secret lagi! *WinkWink*

Just feel like sharing… I know it might be old news but who cares… It’s my entry and my blog kan??? Sometime in early June, Soul won the best Male Actor alongside Sharifah Amani as best Female Actor in Anugerah Tribute to P.Ramlee. I am so proud of them but mostly, I am proud of my Soulmate. He deserve it! After all the things he has gone through, finally, a recognition. I have faith in him. I have many time say to him one day he will be recognize… not for being popular but for the effort he has put in on every projects he decide to take. Syukur! Alhamdullillah!

I celebrated my birthday of 33 years a month ago. There was no celebration. I did not want one. Ever since Nish left us, I hated birthdays. I did not like celebrating it without her. It feels not right. Soul knows about it. He will just take me out for a meal and get me a present! Presents, I like! Hahaha… This year I got a camera and lots of items from Victoria Secret! Me love all of it!!!! *Thank you Sayang*Okay…. Enough ranting….

Anway, I am ending this entry with a couple of photos. Sharing is caring kan…

Thank you for reading!

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[Updating Via Phone] 

The two shouts out from Soul to me! Isn't he the sweetest??!!! YES!!!! ��

Us at the Anugerah Tribute P. Ramlee! 

Picture of us on my birthday... 

Last but not least, another picture of us during our first buka puasa with friends this year... 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Ramlee Festasi ReStage

Hola!!!! WootS!! Posting this entry just to share some pictures taken at Ramlee Festasi. I am so proud of my Soulmate. Who wouldn't? �� Whenever he starts singing, my heart starts to dup dap dup dap!! *Macam kita plak yang nyanyi... Terlebih nervous*

Anyway, I really enjoy ALL 6 shows! YES! I watched ALL shows.!!! Very talented bunch of people. They acted well. Sings perfectly. Even the sketches were good and hilarious. Well done to the whole team!

B, tart proud sangat! ��


Monday, March 18, 2013

I know... I know... It's been ages!

Wowwaweee... 2013 already! Masya Allah. After all the promises saying I will update... I fail! I am sorry bloggy for not writing more than I should. I've been busy. *Busy ke malas Tisha???* Anyway, I know it's been 3 months since new year, it better late than never kan? I would like to say Happy New Year and I hope that it's been a great year so far. ��

As for me, I have my ups and downs but Alhamdullillah I am good. Well, that's life kan?

What have I been up too?? I have been working for ExxonMobil for 5 months now and waiting for contract to end. It was suppose to be a 2 month thingy but it extended. Haish.... *Takpe lah... Since the Soulmate has been working back to back, it's better to have something to do kan?*

I am the AA cum secretary to Chin Yew Sin. He is a boss yang kurang kerenah. He does not bug me all the time which is good. *Haha* In other words, he is a cool boss. My department is FMM and there is about 76 of us. Majority are male except for me and my room mate. Alhamdullillah we get along well. I could never ask for a better room mate. ☺

As much as I don't mind having this job to go to, I can't deny the fact that I miss handling events. So, I am thinking to go back right to it when I am done with this. Even if there is no events for me, I still have my Soul to manage. That's my full time job. *Hehee... Will not resign from that!!*

I am still trying to get myself adjusted to working time. I have to be in the office from 8am to 5pm every day, Monday to Friday. Urgghh... I am so not an office girl. Will have to be up early just to get to the office on time. It's such a drag at times. *Pengsan*

The only thing that keeps me going is that I know that contract will end. So, yeah.. It's not a permanent thingy. I will get back to my life before I know it.! ��

I won't make any promises that I will write anytime soon. Let's just hope I have the time.... In other words, bila Tisha tak malas!!!!


Pictures of me working! *Working ke? More like camwhoring!! *

Monday, April 16, 2012

Life.... *Ramdoness*

Hola!!! OMG???!! Third entry for this year????? *WootS* This is something random. Read and enjoy...

In life.... There will be a moment in time that you feel the world just crashed in front of you. No matter how you think you will be prepared for it... It will still break you into pieces. *Sad but that's the reality'.

A friend told me once.... Allah takkan duga umat dia sekiranya dia tahu kita takkan boleh hadapi dugaan yang akan diterima. *Wallahuallam*

No matter how close or far the person is to us, one moment in time, they will hurt us. That I believe. *Kita manusia kan* Sometimes, we just feel that we are the lucky ones. We thought that what we have given and sacrifice is enough and that above all, we matter the most. I believe now that no matter how much a person love's us, we will get hurt.

When something does happen that we are not prepared for, all we have to do is just have faith and believe that we will get through this. The outcome might not be what we desire or what we hope for but in time, it might be the best for us. *Haishhh... Senang cakap kan??? Cuba kalau kena batang hidung sendiri. Terduduk... Terlentang.... Meraung... Semualah!*

In every story... There is some drama. You don't hurt and risk what you have. Treasure what you have cause you won't know what you might lose and what you have in the future might be worst than what you think you currently have. *Orang tua kata bersyukur dengan apa yang ada*

In conclusion to all this, always remember that, life is a bitch but karma is worst. What we do, others might not see.... The Al-mighty sees everything. It might look and sound easy but let's just pray when we are in this situation, we are strong enough.

That is for now... Nak main badminton with friends. Till the next entry, take care! *SmileS*

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The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for!-Bob Marley